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Birch Cottage Play Package

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The new LSG Birch Cottage consists of an innovative modern 'slat-wood' design, bringing you the very best in the 'room-within-a-room' concept. It is a known fact that children flock to a semi-enclosed space within a room to get a better sense of security and safety, especially as they transition to new rooms and environments. The see-through slats provide sufficient supervision whilst providing a separate zone for play based learning and development in ECE and primary school sectors. 


1 x Birch Slat Cottage Structure

1 x Plato Kitchen station with splashback

1 x Plato Fridge unit

1 x Cafe station

1 x Corner 90 Return unit



This slat cottage includes a tree trunk detail on one corner as well as a small picket fence. The floor is slightly raised as part of the standalone structure. This cottage can be purchased separately or as a package that includes the kitchen setting, as well as the cafe setting to bring you a fully furnished cottage experience. Made from solid birch plywood timber, this structure is delivered flat-packed however the pricing will include installation on site. 

NZ made


2400W x 2000D x 2500H


Role Play Cottage
Shop / role play market
Café / roadside coffee shop
Stage / theatre