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Mole Hole Play Loft

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The ingenious tunnel system leaves no room for boredom. Children quickly reach the exciting tunnel by going up a staircase and come back down a slide on the other side. At the bottom, two small tunnels lead into the large toy nest.

Note: Sensory learning wall panels sold separately. Accessories and props not included.


Along the wall
Age group
From 1 ½ years
Platform height
Sill height
Total height
Space requirements
2600 x 1710mm


Solid birch plywood with rounded edges and bright engaging paint
Extra high railings with visibility slits for supervisors
Modular designs can be added to over time
Hygienic easy-care water based varnish surface
Self supporting structure does not require wall fastening
Precision German engineering
Conforms to German DIN EN 176/1177 safety standards
Professionally assembled on-site by LSG