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Call us on 0508 476 227 or drop us a line via email using the form below - we look forward to talking soon.

Learning Spaces Global
9 Greenacres Road North, Richmond 7050,
(Nelson-Tasman) New Zealand
Phone: 03 544 2953

International Enquiries
Many of our products can be enjoyed anywhere around the globe such as our full Outdorable® range. We have shipped to multiple countries without hassle. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.
Phone: +64 3 544 2953

Play Now Pay Later

LSG's very own 'Play Now Pay Later' offer is designed to provide financial assistance and easy payment terms for those wishing to place smaller orders to secure some of our great deals and special offers, ahead of your funding grant. We understand how tight this can become and would love to enable you to make that purchase you would normally not have been able to do. Offer is based on a maximum of 60 days credit before each NZ Government funding grant. Spend of $10000 +gst applies. All 'Play Now Pay Later' credit terms are subject to individual acceptance and LSG account team approval. LSG has the right to decline this deferred payment offer based on historical late payment records. You must make payment within the extended 60 day period. Failure to do so may render the ability to use this offer again for future purchases.  

'Walk in the Park' Offers for New Builds and Renovations

Our 'Walk in the Park' offers are designed to benefit any new centre or school building project or major renovation or refurbishment spending $15,000 or more ex GST. Any of the below offers are available by request and are subject to availability and discretion of Learning Spaces Global. We welcome you to discuss your requirements today, on 0508 476 227. 

Our walk  in the park offers include:

  • Extended 10-Year Guarantee (Extended 2-Years on soft furnishing - see examples above under warranty)
  • 2D room planning, and layout concept design based on your supplied plans to suit your proposed age range and capacity of your learning space at $400+gst.
  • 3D virtual walkthrough at $400+gst
  • Interior design consultation to discuss your desired themes, styles, colours, and textures.
  • Unpack, assembly and setup of LSG equipment into your space - get a quote for this service
  • 30 day 'Perfect for your space' returns to give you peace of mind. (refer to T&C mentioned above)
  • 'Open Day Ready' photography. LSG provided photographer for interior and exterior shots of LSG equipment in place. These will be provided to you to be used for your marketing and social media purposes and LSG marketing purposes. 
Professionally Made Furniture

Learning Spaces Global (LSG) furniture is professionally crafted and preassembled in a quality controlled environment. We can take the utmost care to ensure your furniture is constructed to our stringent safety and quality levels. Some items such as cots, tables and large play lofts are delivered unassembled for ease of transport and positioning into your centre.

Delivery and Shipping

Learning Spaces Global will liaise with you to organise the best delivery option for your order requirements. We have options to suit every requirement and a network of warehouses to ensure your order is delivered promptly.

Prices on this website do not include freight. Freight charges will be applied at confirmation of order or displayed on the shopping cart and at checkout if ordering online.

LSG's 30 Day ' Perfect For My Space' Returns

Our free 30 Day 'Perfect For My Space' returns policy provides you with peace of mind that you will not be stuck with something that doesn't fit or suit your learning space. The thought of having you disappointed with your purchase is something we take seriously. Get in touch with our service department on 0508 476 227 within 30 Days of receiving your item, and we will work with you to provide a solution to return the product for an LSG credit on your account. You can use this credit for an immediate replacement item or save it to use later. Return credit does not include the cost of transport. This return policy also excludes any custom made furniture items made specifically for you to your specific dimensions. 

Please note: All deliveries MUST be inspected for freight damage within 24 hours of receiving goods to ensure LSG can lodge a freight claim and replacement goods supplied.
Once approved, our customer service team will issue a Returns Authority document and provide you with details of how to return the goods. Goods should not be returned without receiving a Return Authority document from our Customer Service department, as this will delay or may invalidate any claim.

Approved returned goods must be received by LSG, complete (and in the original packaging where possible) and condition in which they were delivered to you, for an LSG credit to be issued.

Failure to advise the Customer Service department within 30 days may result in your request being declined. In all instances after 30 days, we will charge a restocking fee of 10% of the invoiced value. All returned goods must be received complete and undamaged for the claim to be processed.

Extended 10-Year 'Learning Spaces Guarantee'*

Our goods come with standard guarantees that cannot be excluded under the New Zealand Consumer Law. Further to this, we offer our loyal customers an extended 10-Year Guarantee on furniture items as outlined below.

Extended 10-Year 'Learning Spaces Guarantee'*

*Warranty provisions only apply to furniture items sold within New Zealand excluding all soft furnishing. Soft furnishings are all covered by our extended 2-Year Guarantee. Examples of soft furnishing (not limited to) are; sofas, ottomans, cushions, squabs, beanbags, table cloths, waterproof protectors, clothing, seagrass baskets, jute rugs, bedding, sleep mats and mattresses. 

Effective February 1, 2021. Learning Spaces Global LTD, 9 Greenacres Road North, Richmond, NZ, warrants our furniture* sold under the name Learning Spaces Global, to be free from defects in craftsmanship and manufacturing for the duration of the 10-year guarantee period.

During the guarantee period, Learning Spaces Global, as its sole obligation, will replace any item or component of an item covered by this Guarantee and sold after the effective date of this extended Guarantee, which defects when in normal use as a result of a defect in craftsmanship, manufacturing or material. LSG will replace with a comparable product or component. 

This Guarantee extends only to the original purchaser who can provide proof of purchase from Learning Spaces Global. 

To be covered under our extended Guarantee, all

products must have been assembled and maintained according to LSG provided maintenance and care and assembly. You must not have modified the product in any way from the originally supplied item. It must not have been subject to misuse, incorrect application, or abuse. 

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase stated on the invoice date.

Learning Spaces Global does not guarantee natural variations in wood grain or figure or the presence of natural imperfections found with the use of natural materials. 

Excessive changes in surface finishes due to ageing, UV and light exposure to, or water damage, moisture, and mold damage due to unsuitable environments.

Gradual damage caused by moisture, for example, rust and surface degeneration. 

Product or surface defects or failure resulting from normal wear and tear

the matching of colours, grains, or textures of natural materials

Colour matching of textiles or surface colours, including an exact match to published colour swatches or sample cards. 

Incorrect installation or installation not in accordance with the instructions provided. 

Products exposed to harsh environmental conditions or items subject to unsuitable storage or positioning. 

Harsh chemical, detergents or abrasive cleaning agents used on product surfaces. 


How to process a warranty claim? 

For your claim to be processed in an efficient, timely manner, please follow the warranty claims process as outlined below.

Fill in our online customer service form below.

If you are unable for any reason to process your warranty claim using the online customer service form, please call our customer service department on 0508 476 227 or email your claim details with photos through to sales@learningspacesglobal.com. 

For your claim to be processed, you will need to provide photos of the product in question. Note; providing attached photographs with your claim will greatly enhance the speed in which your claim is processed.

This warranty does not obligate Learning Spaces Global to bear transportation costs incurred in repairing or replacing any defective parts. It excludes any superficial scratches, dents, scrapes or blemishes to paintwork or timber surfaces. 

To the fullest extent permitted by law, Learning Spaces Global excludes all liability for damage or injury to any person, damage to any property, loss of time, inconvenience and any indirect consequential or other loss or damage.


LSG Furniture Care and Maintenance Guide

You can rest assured that the products you purchase from Learning Spaces Global (LSG) will last you for years of everyday use in your learning spaces. We encourage a regular maintenance program to ensure your assets remain safe, secure, and naturally beautiful. Below we outline maintenance and care instructions on specific surfaces.  

Please contact our service department for any spare parts required to maintain your equipment. Moving items such as castors, hinges and draw slides can be replaced simply by your maintenance handyperson.


UV Lacquered Natural Birch Plywood Surfaces

Most of our storage shelves and role play furniture items have birch plywood surfaces with a clear non-toxic lacquered UV finish. This finish is done in controlled factory processes and is therefore difficult to replicate with an off the shelf Lacquer. Care should be taken not to scratch or gouge the surface. 


Cleaning UV Lacquered Natural Birch Ply Surfaces

To clean soiled surfaces, daily grime etc., use a damp cloth. For stubborn grime, you may need the help of waterbased, pH neutral cleaning solution like the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. We recommend magic sponge as an excellent spot cleaning solution for crayon and scuff marks on your furniture. To apply wet the magic sponge and rug lightly over the mark until it fades. Any harsh detergents or chemicals can damage the Lacquer surface.


HPL Surfaces. (High-Pressure Laminate)

High-pressure laminate (HPL) is a surface material which has outstanding cleanability and durability properties. HPL, manufacturing is based on proven technology. HPL was developed to resist the hard requirements of daily use. Although HPL is extremely durable and needs minimal care due to its non-porous surface, it is nevertheless, not indestructible and will require care and maintenance like all surfaces. See below for some cleaning recommendations that will ensure your furniture and equipment assets look like new for years. 


Cleaning HPL

Clean the surface only using water and dry it with a paper towel, tissue or a soft microfibre. If water cannot remove the impurities, use a common household cleaning solution WITHOUT any abrasive agents. Afterwards, clean the surface with a damp cloth and ensure it is thoroughly dry.  

Using a cleaning sponge (magic sponge) dipped in clean water works well for stubborn marks. Finish with an absorbent cloth or paper towel to ensure a streak-free finish. Try using warm water and a bit of household detergent for greasy surfaces and dry as above afterwards. 


Vinyl Upholstered Surfaces 

A small drop of mild dish detergent and warm water is the best cleaning agent for vinyl fabric. With a sponge or clean cloth and soapy water, wipe off the vinyl to remove grim and dirt, food, surface stains. Ensure you do this regularly to ensure there is no lasting build-up of grime.

AVOID using harsh cleaners: never use harsh cleaning solvents or abrasive cleaners on your vinyl fabric. When first cleaning with a new product, do a test in an inconspicuous place to ensure no discolouring on the material.


Perspex Surfaces

Stick with microfibre type of cloth. AVOID ammonia-based products, like Windex, Bleach or other home glass cleaning products. These products because they contain harmful chemicals that will damage the surface, leaving it cloudy and difficult to maintain. Warm soapy water is the safest and most effective cleaning solution for acrylic and Perspex surfaces. Cleaning wipes with at least 70% alcohol or acrylic approved disinfectants are also useful cleaning methods, especially where sanitising is required. 


Wheels and Castors 

Many of our products are fitted with swivel castors. Units that are being wheeled around often will need a spot of oil annually to ensure the workings remain well lubricated. Keep all castors away from consistent moisture as some parts can become corroded and could seize. 


Sanitising and Disinfecting Surfaces

LSG natural timber surfaces are best cleaned with warm water without using excess water and not allowing the furniture to remain wet. Always wipe dry with a soft cloth after cleaning. Where sanitising is required, use a disinfectant surface cleaner designed for household use. Do not allow large amounts of raw chemicals to remain on the surface. Stick with microfibre type of cloth. AVOID ammonia-based products, like Bleach or other harsh abrasive chemicals.


Outdorable Movable Play Equipment

Our weatherproof natural timber range of Outdorable® Movable Play Equipment will turn a natural grey colour as they age and are exposed to the external elements. This natural grey weathering does not detriment the durability or structural stability of the product. To keep your equipment as new, you can re-oil your equipment with our Outdorable Maintenance Oil available on our website with the warm timber glow. Alternatively, a linseed oil helps keep the surface feeling soft to touch and easier to clean. To re-oil your equipment, refer to our Outdorable Maintenance oil instructions. 

Should the timber chip or splinter on the outside play edges, sand the area smooth to ensure there are no splinters. 


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