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Sound Absorbing Acoustic Rectangle Packages - DIY

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Acoustic Package
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Increase the acoustic performance of your learning spaces with our new acoustic panels that can be either suspended from ceilings or attached to walls. Five shapes in various sizes to complement the existing interior design. Panels can either be installed on ceilings and walls with supplied hardware. When fixed to a ceiling, adjustable wires allow you to set the suspension height to target multiple frequencies within one classroom.

Rectangle four panel pack contains:

  • 4x 1195mm x 595mm x 70mm Rectangle Panels


Rectangle eight panel pack contains:

  • 8x 1195mm x 595mm x 70mm Rectangle Panels


Rectangle Cloud Dimensions
1195mm x 595mm x 70mm Depth


EXCELLENT ACOUSTICS - Melacoustic foam made from melamine resin with an excellent absorption value of NRC 0.95
HIGH FIRE RESISTANCE – Highest possible fire resistant classification for organic materials
THERMAL RESISTANT – Resists heat flow of up to 240℃
LIGHT AND VERSATILE – Can be attached almost anywhere to wall or ceiling