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Hand Washing Trough

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Hand Washing Trough

Our wall mounted hand wash troughs are the an ideal solution to add that needed extra hand washing capacity around your classrooms and play areas. 
Fitted with stainless steel sink and timed flow mixer taps to enable warm water to be safely dispensed. Also included in this package are soap dispenser/s. 

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As we are all aware, washing and drying our hands is now a simple yet essential requirement for all of us to reduce the spread of viruses and diseases like the current COVID 19 virus, which has changed the way we all have to live, learn and play in today’s ever-changing world. 

One of the most proven and effective methods to reduce the spread is to wash our hands! Simple? Yes, maybe at home, but as many of you will be aware, this is not so simple in our schools. 

Global surveys have discovered that many primary schools only have one sink per classroom. The Ministry of Health requirements is to wash hands with soap for 20 seconds, then dry hands all over for 20 seconds. With some classes having up to 30 children, this has the potential to take the entire morning break to meet the protocol.


Dimensions two bay unit
1200mm long x 380mm deep x 600mm high (including soap dispenser)
Dimensions four bay unit
1800mm long x 430mm deep x 600mm high (including soap dispensers)


Made for commercial use in childcare and school environments
Stainless steel sink
Timed flow mixer taps enable warm water to be safely dispensed
Soap dispenser/s