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Peggo Multi Nook Sofa
Peggo Multi Nook Preview
Peggo Multi Nook Cafe
Peggo Multi Nook Writing Table
Peggo Multi Nook Sofa with Child Seated
Peggo Multi Nook Sofa
Peggo Multi Nook Stage with Child Stage
Peggo Multi Nook writing table with Child Seated
Peggo Multi Nook Activity Table with Child Seated
Peggo Multi Nook Cafe with Child Standing
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Peggo® Multi Nook

NZ$1,499.00SKU: 20013
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The new LSG Multi Nook stretches the word multi like nothing has ever before! With adjustable table surface for both preschool and toddler heights and the added attachments available for this stunning centre point, your learning space will take on a whole new level of offerings for young learners.

Made from solid birch plywood, this nook consists of innovative, configurable design through the ‘peg-board’ concept along with our desire to enable as many possibilities in one unit as possible. Have a look at the features for some of the possible configuration ideas.


1200L x 600W x 1200H


Writing nook
Quiet zone study nook
Shop / role play market
Café / roadside coffee shop
Hospital / doctors / post shop reception counter
Infants riser nook
Stage / theatre
Activity table
Squab seat
Birthday chair / celebrations grandstand