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Stretcher Bed Privacy Screen

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Only at LSG - first in New Zealand!

Our new cross-contamination protectors are designed specifically to enhance 'restful sleep for children sleeping on stretcher beds and sleep mats. These easy-clean, foldable screens are made from high-density foam covered in a removable fabric cover. A must-have for providing safe and hygienic sleeping environments for infants and toddlers. 

Designed in conjunction with the Licensing Criteria for Early Childhood Education, these protectors support the provision of restful sleep for children as follows;

Section PF37

1) Minimise fluctuations in temperature - drafts from open doors/ windows, airflow fluctuations.

2) Minimise fluctuations in noise levels - High-density foam absorbs sound and distractions from non-sleeping children and carers.

3) Minimise fluctuations in lighting levels - Screening from light fluctuations caused by opening doors/ blinds whilst children sleep. 

4) Allow for adequate supervision - Protector screen dimensions allow for supervisor unobstructed vision and easy access to sleeping child. 

Section PF33

1) Sleep or rest for a reasonable period of time - Prevents distraction from carers and children in other non-sleeping activity areas for those using combined activity and sleeping spaces. 

Section HS10

1) Allows for sufficient air movement to minimise the risk of spreading illness - Whilst protecting from direct contamination from children coughing and sneezing in nearby sleeping pods.     

Using these protectors, enables beds to be positioned closer in sets of two provided that supervisors have clear access to at least one side of the stretcher bed/sleep mat as stated in section HS10 of the Licensing Criteria for Early Childhood Education.

Made from high-density foam, covered in waterproof fabric removable cover which can be unzipped for ease of washing or deep cleaning as required. 

Folds away for easy storage can be stowed between stacking beds or in a separate storage facility. 


Inside Measurements 580w x 550d x 480h


Folds away for storage
Removable Zip-off fabric outer
Helps to prevent cross contamination in the sleep room
Provides children with an extra level of privacy

We love these stretcher bed cross contamination protectors! They allow our children to feel safe and snug in bed, shield any distractions and we feel more comfortable with children sleeping next to each other.
We set out our sleep room being mindful of tikanga and the protectors allow for this and add a homely aesthetic to our centre. - Elise Walton, Centre Manager, Little Red Fox ECE