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Cube Library Shelving

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Plywood cube library shelving for schools offers a durable and versatile storage solution. These shelving units, constructed from sturdy birch plywood, are designed to withstand the rigors of a school environment. The cube-shaped compartments provide ample space to organize books, textbooks, supplies, and other educational materials. The modular design allows for easy customization, as the units can be stacked, arranged, or even combined to create larger shelving configurations to accommodate the needs of different classrooms or libraries.

Plywood cube library shelving not only promotes an organized and efficient learning environment but also adds a touch of aesthetic appeal with its natural wood grain or contrasted with HPL colours. 

NZ Made


Single Plywood Cube Dimensions
420L x 420D x 420H
Double Plywood Cube Dimensions
840L x 420D x 420H


Endless Configurations for Flexible Learning Spaces
Natural solid birch plywood structure
Storage shelves and cubbies for books