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Client: Ranzau School

Location: 111 Ranzau Road, Hope 7020, New Zealand

“We were wanting to create a space that was calm, inviting and had a connection with nature. Flexibility, flow and functionality were very important factors for the fit-out. We were really impressed with the Learning Spaces Global team, their enthusiasm for creating amazing learning spaces, their attention to detail and innovative design. We were wanting to form a working partnership not just buy some furniture. In talking with the LSG team we quickly realised that they were interested in the same thing. This was very important in choosing our supplier."

Dave Sampson, Principal, Ranzau School

"The LSG team have been fantastic to work with. Visiting our site, discussing our needs and offering their expert input into the design and layout of our space. The creation of 3D designs really helped us to visualise the space and get a feel for our learners needs and how the space would function. Setting up our new space was easy with the LSG team. They came in, installed and ensured that all the furniture was ready for learning. All our staff had to do was bring in their resources.”

Dave Sampson, Principal, Ranzau School

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